VinFast is officially listed on the US Stock Exchange

Published by Administrator at 09:31, September 19, 2023

VinFast sounded the alarm on the Nasdaq Global Select Market and officially became a globally influential listed company.

One of the activities that securities investors are interested in not only domestically but also internationally is the initial public offering (IPO) of VinFast Electric Vehicle Company, a member of Vingroup. For the first time, a Vietnamese company was directly listed on the international market, especially on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the United States.

The just-held opening ceremony marks an important moment for VinFast to officially list on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, with the trading code VFS. VFS is a part of the Nasdaq Global Select Market, and investors can now trade the stock.

VinFast Global CEO – Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy at the bell ringing ceremony at Nasdaq.

According to the merger of Black Spade, VinFast will become the third-largest global electric vehicle company with a market value of $23 billion, second only to Tesla in the United States and Li Motors in China.

Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy will lead the company as the global general manager. Ms. Thuy hopes that going public will help VinFast obtain greater funding and serve the upcoming larger plan.

VinFast has delivered 19,000 electric vehicles, revolutionizing the automotive industry. Construction of their electric vehicle factory in North Carolina began on July 28th. Interest in electric and autonomous vehicles in the U.S. stock market is surging. 

Approximately 40 companies in this sector are listed, with 10 on the NASDAQ exchange. Tesla, the frontrunner in the electric vehicle realm, has a stock price of nearly $240, signifying their dominance.

Source: VTV.VN